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Youth President Job Description

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Many organizations, from scouting movements to religious youth groups, may elect a youth president. Though a youth president’s role will differ depending on her background, she will find that her main duties are similar: She must represent young people within her organization, acting as a voice for youth both inside and outside her organization. Ultimately, the goal of the youth president is to encourage those her age and ensure that their voices are heard by an organization as a whole.


Key to the youth president’s role is the attendance of meetings throughout the year. In some cases, particularly in meetings where the attendants are themselves young people, the youth president will serve as a chairperson and effectively run meetings, encouraging participation, controlling the meeting’s agenda and keeping the meeting in running order, as noted by the North Ryde RSL Youth Club.

More commonly, the youth president will represent the youth of his organization on a variety of boards and committees. These may include advisory meetings, as noted by the Catholic Youth Coalition Board, or in the case of venture scouts, the National Youth Cabinet, as well as regional and area meetings, including those organized by bodies outside the organization.


The youth president is in charge of the efficient running and organization of youth events within her organization, as noted by the Catholic Youth Coalition Board. These events may include youth rallies and conventions.

A youth president must be prepared to attend events where youth will be present in her area, encouraging the youth at those events to become involved in her organization or else representing her organization in the best possible light. For example, a youth president for the Methodist Church might travel to the Christian Resources Exhibition, a U.K. Christian festival, to meet young people there.

Other Duties

When not serving on committees or at events, the youth president has a general responsibility to encourage the participation of youth whenever possible. As noted by the Methodist Church's U.K. website, the youth president has a duty to attempt to develop the networking and socializing skills of youth within his organization. In addition, the youth president might be required to document or present his experiences in some way; a Methodist Church youth president, for example, maintains a web blog of his life in the role.

Action Plans

As part of his committee work, the youth president may be required to contribute to action plans specifically designed for the advancement of youth within the organization, as noted by the Methodist Church website. The youth president will work with other organization staff on such projects and will be expected to deliver his contribution by a set date.

Reporting To Whom?

The structure of an organization will determine the person or body that a youth president is accountable to, but, in general, the president will report to a committee or board. In the case of a youth president for the Catholic Youth Coalition Board, he will report directly to the board adviser.


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