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Airport Security Officer Job Description

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Many people are attracted to the job of being an airport security officer. It presents an exciting opportunity to protect our nation and keep the skies safe. Furthermore, for anyone interested in aviation, it provides an opportunity to constantly be around planes and airports.


According to a job description provided by the City of Phoenix, the required education for this position needs to provide security guards with the ability to read and write at a certain level according to their classification. This is vital since it is necessary to learn airport practices, procedures and methods. As with most surveillance officers, airports don't have any set education requirements for unarmored guards but prefer to hire people with high school diplomas to fill armored guard positions.


Airport security guards must be able to follow and give directions clearly in English and pass a criminal background check. They must be able to absorb information about airport policies ad procedures to go through job training in a classroom setting. Through this training, they must be able to learn and identify different aircraft. Additionally they should have a close attention to detail and be able to monitor or observe people's behavior and objects to assure they comply with safety regulations. They must be able to perceive a full range of colors to detect suspicious materials. Officers must be able to remain standing for long periods and be capable of moving objects weighing up to 20 pounds. Finally, they must be capable of reporting/correcting infractions by giving verbal warning, expelling people or detaining offenders of more serious infractions to authorities.


A main goal of airport security officers is to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas. They must also answer questions from the public about access to the airfield and be able to direct them to the proper authorities if need be. Furthermore, they must physically check objects, persons and vehicles entering the part of the airport devoted to air operation. Security officers complete written reports as well as prove continuous efforts to streamline and speed up the security process while not compromising safety. Finally, they must provide good customer service as they work directly with airport patrons.

Work Environment

These security guards work in check-in sections of airports as well as in security, parking, air cargo operations and ground transportation. Additionally, though work is typically routine, this job can require long hours as well as can be very dangerous.


According to Salary Expert, the average annual salary for an airport security guard ranges from $46,105 to $55,912 per year depending on the airport they work in and the duties they perform. Armed guards typically earn more.

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