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Define ED Tech in a Hospital

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ED tech is short for emergency department technician. A healthcare professional in this position assists emergency room doctors and nurses in delivering emergency care. Primary responsibilities include keeping the ER cleaned, well-stocked and organized. Techs also assist nurses with basic patient care such as placing bandages and splints. Transporting patients is another standard duty.

Closer Look at ED Tech Duties

The tech monitors and stocks cotton swabs, gauze, bandages, rubbing alcohol, linens and other standard medical supplies. In assisting nurses with patient care, you clean and dress wounds, apply splints to broken bones, and monitor heart rate and breathing equipment. Techs also transport patients for lab work or treatment. This responsibility may include helping a patient change into or out of a hospital gown. When patients arrive, you also help remove jewelry and accessories as needed for treatment or surgery.

Becoming a Technician

A high school diploma is the standard minimum educational requirement. However, you should have current emergency medical technician training. A paramedic license is sometimes required. Skills that employers look for include excellent interpersonal skills, analytical and decision-making abilities, and physical strength. Volunteer work in an emergency setting or previous assistant healthcare positions better qualify you to become an ED tech.


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