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How Do Employers Check to See If a GED Is Real?

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Created in 1942, the General Education Development (GED) test was designed to confirm that an individual who did not graduate from high school had the same academic skill level as someone who did. The test is still used today for the same purpose and is governed by the American Council on Education but administered under the jurisdiction of the states. The test includes four categories – mathematics, social studies, science and language arts – and all four sections must be passed to earn the GED.

Education Confirmation

To verify the legitimacy of your GED, a potential employer may ask you for a copy of the official transcript. If you lost your transcript, you can obtain another by contacting the agency responsible for GED testing in your state. If the employer doubts the validity of the transcript, she can easily contact the testing authority listed on it. Many companies also subscribe to services that complete background checks for them, including education verification. Some states, such as Connecticut, make it easy for potential employers to check your GED status directly as long as they have your written permission. Remember that you may have given this permission by signing the job application.


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