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Medical Diagnostician Job Description

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By definition, a medical diagnostician is any medical professional who's qualified to examine patients and make diagnoses. It isn't a designation that describes one career, but a bunch of them, from podiatrists and nurse practitioners to gynecologists. The common themes that run through each career are advanced educational paths and the ability to diagnose patients and create treatment plans to best suit the diagnosis. Important skills and qualities include the ability to communicate effectively with patients, family and other care givers, as well as attention to detail, compassion and patience.

Joining the Medical Profession

Deciding which area of medicine interests you the most is the first step towards making healthcare your career. Becoming a physician involves earning a bachelor's degree, completing medical school and then completing a residency program. Physicians can choose to practice general medicine or specialize in a certain area of medicine such as pediatrics, internal medicine or obstetrics. Registered nurses can become diagnosticians by pressing on to earn at least a master's degree to work as nurse practitioners, anesthetists or midwives. Those interested in diagnosing conditions of the mind must earn at least a master's degree in psychology, though a doctoral or specialist's degree is more common.

Making Diagnoses

With each career path, the healthcare professional must interview patients, order and evaluate tests as needed, interpret the results and plan a course of treatment. For example, a physician might see a patient complaining of shortness of breath. He'll check the patient's medical history, interview her and order a round of tests to isolate the cause of the problem. Once he reviews the results, he might find that his patient is a heavy smoker who is otherwise healthy. In this case, the physician will recommend that the patient quit smoking and then recommend smoking cessation products.


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