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Air Jamaica Flight Attendant Qualifications

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Air Jamaica flight attendant jobs are in high demand, most likely due to the benefits of travel. The competition is stiff since those who hold flight attendant positions tend to keep them. The average tenure of a flight attendant is approximately seven years. According to, in 2002 there were reportedly over 104,000 flight attendant jobs.

However, according to BNet, a management website, Air Jamaica has recently laid off 100 flight attendants as part of its restructuring measures. More cuts are expected to be made, so the job openings may be hard to come by for quite some time.


The first and most important qualifying factor is a high school diploma or GED; without one there is no chance of becoming hired. Obviously, as with any job, the more education the better. According to statistics on "Find a Flight Attendant Job," one-half of flight attendants have at least some college education, and approximately one-third have an associate's or bachelor's degree. Few hold master's degrees or higher, and generally move to supervisory positions within a few years.

Personal Appearance

Mike Garcia, Air Jamaica's manager, describes the flight attendants for the airline as "rare tropical birds." Looks matter. Having a neat and professional look is necessary because flight attendants represent the airline. Long hair on men, tattoos, and visible body piercings are not acceptable. Dressing nicely, having hair neatly fixed, appropriate makeup for women and good hygiene are all important aspects of the airline's "face."


Although experience is a plus, a lot will be learned on the job and during each flight. Customer service skills rank highly among qualities employers look for in flight attendants. Being friendly and courteous to passengers, making their flight as enjoyable as possible, is, after all, the flight attendant's job.

Ability to speak English is necessary. Although additional languages aren't necessary, they are looked upon highly.

Duties and Additional Qualifications

Flight attendants for Air Jamaica prepare the cabin before flights, ensuring cleanliness. Other responsibilities include writing flight reports after each flight. Following a ruling handed down in 2008, Air Jamaica pays flight attendants for work done on ground before and after flights.

Minimum age requirements are usually between 18 to 21 years old. There is also a height requirement, so that attendants can easily access overhead bins. Weight and height must be proportionate for easy access through the aisles.

Training is intense, usually lasting three to six weeks in order for each flight attendant to have a good understanding how to react properly in an emergency. Flight attendants must be able to report to work on short notice, if needed.

Background checks are also required.

Applying for Air Jamaica Flight Attendant Jobs

Despite the recent Air Jamaica layoffs, continue checking the website regularly for posted openings so that you can apply when positions are available.

Open Houses are another way to seek a flight attendant position. Occasionally the airline will advertise jobs in a newspaper and hold an Open House sometime the following week. Attending the Open House is the quickest way to be interviewed, and you will also fill out an application at that time. However, sometimes smaller airlines such as Air Jamaica choose to interview individually.

When applying for a job with a smaller airline, don’t assume that the hiring process will be easier due to the size. In fact, quite the contrary; the hiring process may actually be harder and more competitive since a smaller company can be very picky as they are hiring fewer people.


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