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Careers That Use Math Everyday

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Most people use a fair amount of mathematics in their daily routines. Mathematical calculations are used in many jobs at many different levels, from grocery store shelf stocking to brain surgery. Some jobs however, use more math than others. Here are a few careers in which numbers and math formulas play more than a cursory role.


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Accountants use mathematics everyday to do their jobs. Accountants help their clients with financial planning and taxes. They use math formulas to measure rates of interest and to do tax forms and other paperwork involving dividends and projections.


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Agriculturists need math to calculate the amount of fertilizer, pesticides and water they need to grow the crops we use for food. They need numbers to report the percentage of crops harvested compared to the percentage lost to floods, insects and other natural occurrences.


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Architects put math to use when designing buildings. They need to know how to calculate the amount of material needed to complete their structures. Blueprints and cost proposals also are math-based, as is the time they project it will take to complete the job.


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Biologists use math projections when they warn the world about the possible extinction of an animal species. In their studies of nature, they use math to calculate the number of animals, plants, fish and insects that are alive from year to year. To do this they employ animal mating and migration statistics.


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Chemists use math to develop new formulas and medications to make life easier. They also use math to analyze crime scenes.


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Nurses need math when giving medications to patients. They need to know the correct formula for adding medication to an injection or IV bag. They also use math when taking measurements, such as a patient's blood pressure, heartbeat and risk assessment.


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Tradesmen are the hands-on people who build our homes. They include carpenters, electricians, mechanics and plumbers, all of whom use math to do their jobs--whether it's measuring, calculating the cost of a job and estimating labor costs.


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