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Garbage Man Job Description

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A garbage man, also called a garbage collector or sanitation worker, is a maintenance professional. He collects waste along designated routes within a municipality, emptying refuse receptacles into the truck he is driving.

Job Responsibilities

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A garbage man (or woman) drives a garbage truck. She removes refuse materials from commercial, industrial and residential areas, transporting it to a designated deposit site such as a recycling plant or incineration depository. The garbage that is collected is first thrown into a garbage truck (driven by the garbage man). It is then compacted. Once taken to the designated deposit site, the garbage man sorts refuse that is recyclable and incinerates the rest. After incineration, she deposits the waste into specified areas known as landfills. The waste is then covered in dirt.

Job Opportunities

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Garbage men are employed by both municipal and private waste management firms and administrations. Employment in this field may be obtained by answering wanted advertisements. These advertisements can be found on online job search boards such as, and They may also be found in local newspapers, posted in the classified section. Those seeking employment may also choose to join a professional association, such as the Solid Waste Association of North America. These groups provide members with many resources, such as employment assistance, networking events and industry updates.

Qualitative Requirements

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A successful garbage man must be comfortable working non-traditional hours such as early mornings. He must also be able to life heavy objects. Working outdoors in all types of weather conditions will also be required of the successful candidate. A garbage man must drive incredibly large vehicles. Additionally, he typically works alone. As a result, he must be extremely self-motivated, able to function effectively with little or no supervision, following specific instructions so he may successfully complete his duties within a specific amount of time.

Educational Requirements

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To become a garbage man, a candidate must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. She must also possess a commercial driver's license, and have no DUIs, accidents or any other negative information on her driving record. Additionally, she will be required to pass a criminal background and drug screening. In some instances, she my also be required to pass a driving exam administered by the employer.

Average Compensation

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The average garbage man working in the United States of America earns an annual base salary of $24,000, as reported by Additionally, The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states within the decade of 2006 through 2016 the employment of utilities workers is anticipated to decline by 6 percent.