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What Are the Benefits of Being a Neurologist?

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A neurologist identifies and treats the diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems. Symptoms of the disease may include headaches, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, etc. Neurologists are highly specialized in their field and while their job is demanding, they have a great career outlook in their industry.

Diversity in Career

There are a number of different options available to neurologists. These include neurocritical care, neuro-ophthalmology, interventional and stroke and vascular neurology. The neurologists can opt for a career in the hospital, consulting, academics, teaching or even research in their particular field.

High Salary

Due to the highly specialized nature of their field, good neurologists can earn high salaries. According to the Physician Compensation Survey (2008) the median salary for a neurologist in the U.S. is $203,200 to $298,503.

Challenging Nature of Work

Many neurologists enjoy the challenge their career offers. The complex medical decisions and diagnostics and the difference they make in their patients' quality of life gives them satisfaction and keeps them challenged.

Flexibility of Time

Most neurologists do not have a fixed work schedule. They may have days of intense work schedules tempered by time off. They can rotate their work between research, academics and clinical ensuring boredom is not part of their job.

Job Outlook

Due to the highly specialized nature of the field, there has so far been no saturation in the job environment. Though competitive, there are a lot of job opportunities and the outlook for neurology positions in the future is growing.

Bonuses and Benefits

Due to the competitive nature of the career, neurologists in any organization are paid great salaries and can expect benefits and bonuses that are comparatively better than other physicians. Hospital-based neurologists get productivity bonuses plus hospital-provided malpractice insurance and benefits. Other benefits like paid vacations and family health plans also apply.

Private Practice

The Neurologist Salary by Hospital Setting suggests that a neurologist working in a private setting usually has the highest pay scale. This gives the practitioner more benefits, such as greater flexibility in work schedule.


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