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9-5 Jobs for Creative People

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Some people need a creative outlet to enjoy their job. Others prefer to work regular hours in a traditional workplace setting. And some people want both -- creative work in a traditional office. While most traditional jobs have some creativity, perhaps you want more. It takes a little extra effort to find a 9-5 job for creative people.

Ad Design

Just about every company uses advertising to market itself to potential customers or clients. That means just about every company needs employees to create these ads. Even though the ads themselves may be inside-the-box -- appealing to what the target audience knows and likes -- the process of creating them can be free-spirited. Consumers only see the end product, but the journey to get there is yours.

Corporate Publications

Many companies produce business-oriented publications, like newsletters or magazines, that circulate within the company, their partners or other companies within the industry. If you enjoy creative writing, this is an opportunity to express this skill. These jobs tend to be in marketing, where you're presenting the company and its accomplishments. This job may also be in education, where you're sharing important information with others. Both provide a creative outlet.

Fashion Design

If you prefer hands-on creative work, fashion design might be the job for you. As a designer, you would work with a variety of textiles and materials to create shapes that adorn the human form. You also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a conclusion to your handiwork as finished products featuring your designs on store shelves and racks.


Working in a traditional setting usually means taking a job with an established company, but there's nothing stopping you from starting your own business and holding yourself to regular office hours. If you have a viable idea, and show that you have the discipline and the vision to turn it into a profitable venture, you might be able to attract loans from your bank, the Small Business Administration, start-up funds from venture capitalists or a crowdsourced fundraiser.


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