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Requirements for Getting a Chauffeur's Drivers License in Texas

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Unlike most states, in the state of Texas, individual cities and/or counties are responsible for determining how chauffeur, or vehicle-for-hire, licenses are issued. For areas such as Houston, Austin, and El Paso, the city has specific requirements and an application process ranging from the simple to the in-depth. Knowing the rules will help drivers get the permit they require for work as a chauffeur.


Austin’s permit application asks general questions such as name, address, phone number, license number and number of years residency. The application also inquires about the applicant’s criminal background, including drivers license suspensions and traffic violations. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s criminal history and driving record certified by the Texas Department of Safety.


Individuals needing a chauffeur’s license in Houston must apply for a vehicle-for-hire license with Houston’s Department of Finance and Administration Regulatory Services Division. The application includes name, mailing address, and age, as well as name and address of the company where the applicant will work. Also required is a schedule showing the specific make, model and year of cars to be driven as well as the VIN, license plate number, and mileage.

El Paso

The extensive chauffeur’s license process in El Paso, which requires taxis or any other vehicle-for-hire to have a chauffeur’s license, requires applicants to be 18, a citizen and proficient in English. Applicants cannot have a physical or mental disability that hampers their ability to drive, no more than four moving violations – acquired separately – within a 12-month period or be at fault for more than two accidents within a 12-month period. Applicants cannot have a history of homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, burglary, theft, robbery, prostitution, sexual offense, child molestation or drug-related offense within five years, or any outstanding warrants. Appearance standards require applicants to be sanitary and well-groomed in person. Applicants must provide a written statement from the person currently holding a permit stating that applicant will work for the permit holder. Finally, applicants must pass an exam on knowledge of city laws and vehicles and must attend a course on tourist awareness.

Elsewhere in Texas

Requirements vary from city to city, but generally involve providing information regarding your personal history and driving record and may include more detailed requirements, such as maintaining a professional appearance. Check with your local city government for details – an online search for "TX chauffeur license" along with the city name will generally turn up the details you need.


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