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Top 5 Things to Ask in a Job Interview

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Asking appropriate questions during an interview is equally as important as providing the right answers to questions you are asked. Failing to come up with thoughtful questions can make you appear unprepared, which could leave a poor impression in the interviewer's mind. The questions you ask should prove that you researched the company thoroughly, possess interest in the job and want to know what it takes to succeed in the position in ways that benefit the company.

What are the Daily Duties?

When initially speaking about the position, interviewers usually give a basic overview of the duties required. By asking for more information about the day-to-day duties, you could gain a more in-depth response about what the manager expects when you show up to work each day. Asking this question also allows the interviewer to imagine you filling the position. When the interviewer speaks about a certain task with which you are experienced, use this to your advantage by mentioning your expertise.

How Do You Measure Success?

Companies measure success differently. Some look solely at productivity to measure success, while others look at qualitative as well as quantitative factors. Asking how the company measures success allows you to understand its corporate culture. It also helps you appreciate the process of moving up the career ladder within the firm. This question gives the interviewer the impression that you are entertaining long-term plans within the company, beyond the position for which you're interviewing. Employers tend to appreciate employees with drive and vision.

Can You Describe Your Ideal Candidate?

Asking an interviewer about his ideal candidate gives you a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in the company. If your prospective manager is conducting the interview, ask him to describe the qualities he seeks in an employee. This provides insight into what characteristics management values. Inform the interviewer of any characteristics you may possess that align with his deals, which helps him see you as the ideal candidate.

What are the Biggest Challenges?

Inquiring about the biggest challenges regarding the position is a great question because it shows your willingness to acknowledge issues and find solutions. Managers desire employees who possess initiative, and confronting challenges is one way to show this quality. You also understand what you may face while working in the position. If time permits, you can briefly explain to the interviewer how you plan to address the challenges if hired.

How Does This Position Benefit the Team?

Although you are applying for a specific position, asking about how the position benefits the team shows the interviewer you are not solely concerned about yourself, but also about what you can add to the company. Managers value employees who are team players because a cohesive team maximizes productivity. Not only are you inquiring about how you can assist your coworkers, but also how you can support management.