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Strong & Weak Qualities for an Interview

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Common questions seem to pop up in many job interviews. Inquiries about where you see yourself in five years or what you liked about your last job can be expected. You might also be asked about what you consider to be your strong and weak personal and professional qualities. Potential employers are looking for honesty and how you fit into the company. Have a few answers like these ready to go because you never know what you may face in terms of interview questions.

Focusing on People Skills

One way to answer a question about your strong or weak qualities is to focus on your people skills. A potential employer wants to know how you interact with others and if you work well with a team. Strong interpersonal qualities that you can emphasize are examples of how you have communicated with your coworkers or took the lead on specific projects. If you feel that you have weaknesses in the area of working with others, turn it into a positive. Say you work very well independently and don't need a lot of guidance to get your work done.

Highlighting Techie Tendencies

When conducting interviews, many companies want to know what technical and computer skills you bring to the table. If techie skills are a strength for you, focus on what specific software or specialized job skills you possess. If you are able to calculate complicated equations in a spreadsheet program, share that in a story. If you are weak in terms of technology, you could say that you are eager to learn new programs. Focus on specific qualities you have that make you a quick study instead.

Organizing Your Time

If you have a Martha-Stewart-like brain for organizing, questions geared toward your ability to manage time and resources are easy to answer. To show off your strengths, think of specific examples where you juggled many tasks at once. You could also detail how you've kept track of schedules for your previous managers. If you're asked about your weak qualities and this area is one for you, focus on what you've done to overcome it. You could explain that a traditional to-do list isn't your strength, but that you downloaded an app to your phone and it keeps you organized.

Motivating Yourself

Your potential employers want to know about your ability to be self-motivated. Strong qualities that fit in this area include taking initiative at work to solve problems or seeking out opportunities to advance in your career. If you have trouble getting motivated and this is a weakness for you, explain that you work best with other people and that you get your energy when you're working together as a team. Turn your weaknesses into some kind of strength that is an asset to your boss.