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Salary of a Healthcare Data Analyst

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Healthcare data analysts, also known as medical or clinical data analysts, work with patient records and other medical information, processing statistical data and producing reports. This information helps physicians, hospitals, health insurers and other organizations make decisions about patient care and treatment. Analysts also study clinical research data and help organizations monitor the cost and quality of medical care. Data analysts who work in healthcare earn salaries similar to their counterparts in other business sectors.

Salary Range

The website surveyed salaries earned by data analysts working in health care, which the website called clinical data analysts. Based on data reported by 189 respondents, PayScale reported in December 2010 that clinical data analysts earn salaries averaging $41,000 to $64,000 a year. Healthcare-related industries that employ data analysts include hospitals, health insurance firms and pharmaceutical companies. PayScale reported that analysts employed by pharmaceutical firms earned the most, with salaries reaching more than $74,000 a year.

Other Healthcare Sectors

Data analysts employed by clinical research facilities earned higher annual salaries than their counterparts in healthcare facilities and hospitals, but less than analysts in pharmaceutical firms. PayScale reported that clinical research analysts’ salaries ranged from $44,905 to $68,983 a year, while analysts in hospitals and other health-care organizations earned salaries that averaged $42,368 to $67,713 a year. Analysts employed by health insurers earned between $44,000 and $67,000 a year.

Salary Comparison

PayScale compared data analyst salaries across business sectors. Based on self-reported salary information from more than 2,000 individuals, the website reported in January 2011 that analysts in health care received annual salaries from $40,684 to $62,205. Analysts working for health insurance firms earned between $41,362 and $58,012 annually. These salaries were similar to those earned by analysts in other business sectors. PayScale’s data indicated that financial services analysts earned between $42,000 and $63,000 a year, while information technology data analysts earned $41,066 to $59,291 a year.

Job Outlook

The growing use of electronic medical records, as well as concerns about the cost and quality of medical care, should contribute to job opportunities for health-care data analysts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects high growth in jobs for health information technicians, including data analysts. Technicians with excellent computer technology and software skills will have the best opportunities, the bureau reported.