How to Prepare for a Human Resource Generalist Panel Interview

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Preparing for an interview can be a daunting task. Job candidates' interview responses give interviewers a glimpse of the skills, knowledge and abilities of the person they're interviewing. To prepare for a human resources generalist panel interview, you should do your research to ensure that you present yourself in the best way possible. The key to a great panel interview in the human resources field is to be prepared, answer questions fully and make a positive impression on each panel member.

Be Prepared, Answer the Questions and Make a Good Impression

In order to be successful when walking into the interview room and facing a panel of interviewers, you should be completely prepared. Researching the job description and updating the resume are great ways to be ready for any questions presented during the panel interview. Make sure to update your resume with the most recent employer information first, along with job duties, salary and supervisor information for the prospective employer to contact for employment verification. Becoming familiar with the required job duties, responsibilities and expectations will help prepare you for the questions as well as for presenting yourself as experienced, knowledgeable and the best candidate for the human resources generalist position. Labor laws, recruiting practices, employee benefits, training and orientation procedures, and employee tracking systems are good topics to review for any prospective human resources generalist in preparing for a panel interview.

Answer questions during an interview with concentration, focus and determination to present a positive image of yourself despite the stress that comes with the interview process. Make sure to answer all questions completely, providing details when asked, and respond to all questions honestly and with a professional attitude. Panel interviews usually take place in order to gain different perspectives on a job candidate, so providing thorough answers to each question will display your varied experience and ability to adapt to any situation in human resources.

Your job as an interviewee is to make a positive impression on each panel member. Each person who serves on the interview panel brings a different perspective to the interview. By providing excellent examples, making a variety of responses and touching on several key aspects of human resources, you'll make a connection with the panel members. Also, make sure to have plenty of eye contact with members of the interview panel. This is critical in making a positive impression on each person in the interview room.


Stay focused Give concise yet thorough answers Make eye contact Bring an updated resume Provide several professional references