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Job Interview Tips

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After sending in resumes to several companies, you have secured an interview. Now you have the opportunity to show why you have the best qualifications for the job. Your interviewer will only give you a few minutes to share why your skills and abilities will make you a better employee than the other people getting interviewed. Certain job-interview techniques will help you make a positive impression.

Dress Professionally

Your clothes should look professional when you walk into an interview. Avoid wearing jeans, flip flops and shorts. Allbusiness.com recommends always wearing a suit to show your respect for the job. Make sure your hair, nails and face all look clean and professional as well.

Arrive Early

Allbusiness.com recommends arriving 15 minutes before the interview. This will allow you to check your appearance in the mirror before starting the interview. Some businesses require that you fill out extra paperwork; arriving early will allow you to do this without being late for the interview.

Wait for Instruction

When you walk into an interviewer’s office, do not automatically sit in a chair. Wait for the interviewer to tell you to sit. This establishes respect for the interviewer and shows your willingness to follow instruction.

Ask Questions

Asking questions shows the employer how much the position interests you, according to employmentguide.com. Prepare questions beforehand so that you show you have researched the position. Avoid asking questions about salary and benefits. Stick with questions about job function and expectations.

Use Proper English

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that you should avoid using slang in a job interview. Using proper English allows employers to feel comfortable having you communicate with potential clients. Avoiding slang shows your ability to speak professionally when necessary.

Write a Note

A thank-you note shows your attention to detail. It also allows you to reaffirm what you can bring to the organization, according to employmentguide.com. Send the thank-you note on the same day as the interview so that the interviewer will get it the next day. This shows your excitement about working for the company.