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How to Find Job in Qatar

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Located in the Middle East in the Persian Gulf, Qatar, a peninsula, is small in size, but big in oil production. Getting a job in Qatar gives you the opportunity to work and live in a foreign country. Although Arabic is the national language, English is widely spoken. You can find a job with a Qatari company or with a multinational oil company operating in Qatar. Although Qatar technically is in the Arabian Desert, the coastal areas are cool.

Use an online employment agency that has an office in Qatar to find a list of job opportunities. Online employment agencies such as Online Qatar, Gulf Talent and Qatar Visitor post their job openings. Some websites such as Jobs in Qatar charge you a fee to register and apply for the jobs they list on their website. The U.S. Federal Government Jobs website lists job openings in Qatar and in other countries worldwide.

Check websites of major companies such as Qatar Airways, Qatar Petroleum and Commercial Bank of Qatar. These companies advertise their current job openings, and most allow you to apply directly on their websites. U.S. companies such as Exxon Mobil, Halliburton and Conoco Philips list their job vacancies and required skills online.

Contact your Qatari employment agency job counselor for guidance on completing your resume. Qatar is an Islamic country, so avoid using slang or terms that might possibly offend a potential employer. Your resume should include your educational background, job skills and experience and how this relates to the job requirements. Spell- and grammar-check your resume when finished. Ask your Qatari job counselor to review the resume and suggest changes before submitting it to a prospective employer.

Complete any skills or assessment tests your Qatari employment agency offers to set yourself apart from the other applicants. Due to the distance between Qatar and the United States, your initial job interview will probably be conducted online, possibly through video via Skype or another teleconference service. Your Qatari employer will expect you to conform to Qatari dress and conduct codes. Dress conservatively and conduct the interview in a friendly, but dignified manner. If your interview includes a video component, make sure your webcam does not catch anything potentially offensive behind you, such as inappropriate posters or pictures.

Contact the agency for feedback about the interview. The prospective employer might want to meet with you in person. Obtain a U.S. passport if you do not already have one or if it has expired. You can get a visa before you leave or apply for one upon reaching Qatar. Review the information about visiting Qatar at the U.S. Department of State website to understand your rights and obligations as a foreign visitor. Meet with a representative of your employment agency before the interview. Afterward, let them know how the interview went and be prepared to move to Qatar if you are hired.


Register with the U.S. Embassy when you arrive and leave Qatar.


Qatari laws differ from U.S. laws, so familiarize yourself with them if you travel there to avoid getting into any unintentional legal jams.