How to Apply for Student Pilot License

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A student pilot license is a Federal Aviation Administration-issued certificate that allows an individual to begin flight training. This license is part of an individual's airman medical certificate, and expires 24 calendar months after the issue date. In order to apply for a student pilot license, an individual must visit an aviation medical examiner (AME) and submit to an FAA-approved airman medical examination. You can schedule an appointment with an AME and apply for a medical certificate and student pilot license in a few simple steps.

Call a local AME and schedule an appointment for a medical examination. You can find AME listings on the FAA website (see Resource section), as well as on flyers posted at local airports.

Go to the AME's office and fill out the medical history forms. Make sure to answer all medical history questions correctly. Present your photo ID and citizenship document to the AME.

Pass the AME's medical examination, which typically consists of a height and weight test, urine drug test, vision acuity test, color vision test, hearing test and blood pressure test. Additionally, the examiner may ask you questions about your medical history.

Receive your medical certificate and student pilot license, which is the same document. The AME may hand you the certificate immediately, or he may write up a temporary certificate and send you a permanent one in the mail.


You must be at least 16 years old to qualify for a student pilot certificate.

You will need a clean bill of health, including satisfactory corrected vision, good heart health and no history of mental illness, to get an aviation medical certificate and a student pilot license.