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How Much Does a Ramp Agent Make?

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The average salary of airline ramp agents in the United States ranges from $10 an hour to $16 an hour, not including benefits, according to GlassDoor, a website that provides salary information on various professions. Ramp agents are often offered travel benefits as well.


Ramp agents are responsible for loading and unloading cargo and baggage from airplanes. The job is physically intensive, requiring the lifting and moving of heavy baggage, often in extreme weather conditions.

Cargo Airlines Pay Better

Average salaries for ramp agents vary by airline type, with cargo airlines offering better pay than major passenger airlines. Starting wages for new hires are at the low end of the average range, with gradual increases based on seniority.

Pay Varies by Airline

At the low end of the spectrum, U.S. Airways' ramp agents earn an average of $9.84 an hour. GlassDoor reports that Federal Express, a package delivery company, offers average pay of $16.15 an hour. The average wage at Delta Air Lines is $10.52 an hour; at Continental Airlines it is $13.57 an hour.

Travel Benefits

Passenger airlines also offer their employees, including ramp agents, lucrative travel benefits, including reduced-rate airline travel for the employee and his immediate family.