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How to Reprint Something That Has Already Printed

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Printing documents is a main feature of all printing machines. Connecting a printer to a personal computer or laptop can provide you with freshly printed documents with few simple clicks. Many different types of word processing programs exist and the precise methods for printing will vary depending upon your chosen program. However, the process is usually fairly similar and straightforward.

Scroll up to the bar menu on your word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Click on "File" in the upper, right-hand corner of the menu. Select "Print."

Examine the printing settings. Adjust the document size or number of copies in available prompts. Scroll to the top of the Print menu and select the appropriate printer connection. Click “OK” in the bottom corner of the menu.

Reprint online documents. Scroll to the upper, right-hand corner of the bar menu on Google Docs, if this is what you're using. Click on the "File" tab. Click "Print." Adjust page numbers, numbers of copies needed, etc., as needed in the available prompts before completing the print.

Plug the computer and printer into alternative electrical outlets if power sources are inconsistent. Lift the lid of the printer and change out old or empty ink cartridges for new ones if the computer prompts you to do so. Close the lid and repeat the previous steps to complete the printing process.


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