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How Can I Become a AAA Towing Provider?

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AAA, formerly the American Automobile Association, provides membership-based roadside automotive assistance, such as towing and lockout service, to its member travelers through any of its various regional automotive clubs. Existing towing companies can become AAA-approved towing contractor providers by meeting AAA provider requirements and applying through the AAA club office nearest to the towing company's geographic area of service. If accepted, the company will provide service guidelines that the towing company will agree in contract to deliver consistently.

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Ensure that the towing company that is inquiring about becoming a AAA-approved towing contractor is properly licensed, inspected and insured within the state of intended operations. Current commercial driver's licensing (CDL) information and updated safety requirements are available through the department of motor vehicle safety in the state the company does business in.

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Meet AAA standards for roadside assistance providers. AAA offers 24-hour roadside assistance service on every day of the year, including all holidays. Offer competitive pricing and have good customer service history. Ensure that the applicant's towing company can provide these service expectations with efficient and consistent service before applying for approved towing contractor status.

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Apply through the AAA club office nearest the applicant's towing company address in order to be considered and approved for AAA towing contractor status in your area. This is mandatory, as individual application processes and state mandated requirements vary from club to club. To find the nearest AAA club office, proceed to the AAA website and enter the ZIP code of the applicant's towing company address.

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Be prepared to submit to or to be able to provide proof of equipment and business inspection. In addition to AAA interviewing the owner and researching the company, AAA reserves the right to request inspection information for both facilities and equipment.

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Advertise as an approved AAA towing contractor once accepted, and ensure proper display of the service information and AAA logo within the business office and on all towing equipment. Follow any specific service provider instructions requested by AAA in the new provider contract now that the company has been accepted.


Before submitting the company's application, check the Better Business Bureau for the up-to-date business rating of the applicant's towing company.



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