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How to Print Business Checks

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When running your own business, it is often helpful to print your own business checks. These checks go to your employees or to other companies that supply you with goods and services. Instead of hand- writing all of these checks (which, if you have a large amount of employees may take a considerable amount of time), you can print the checks out yourself much more quickly.

Open the financial software you use to track business accounts and other aspects of your work. There is a check-printing option in the software. If you don't have such a program, you can purchase a check-printing program.

Type in your business account's bank routing and account numbers. You have to have these on the check; if you don't, no bank is going to accept the printed check because there will be no way to identify where the money is coming from.

Type in the name of the individual into the "Pay to the Order of" field. After you have filled out the information you can save the check so the next time you print off your checks you don't need to type everything again.

Input the current date, the amount of the check and what the check is for.

Insert perforated check paper into the printer tray. This paper is specially designed for checks and comes with perforated edges. This is because the opposite side of the check has all the hours worked and other information (this is helpful for tax purposes).

Select "Print" and the checks will print onto the perforated paper. Remove the checks, then cut off the excess white paper on the sides with a paper cutter (you can use scissors but a paper cutter ensures the lines are straighter).

Sign the checks and issue them to the individuals and other recipients.


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