How to Become a CDL Instructor

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CDL instructors have the responsibility of preparing students to be safe and efficient drivers. They also make a good living, are able to be home every night (versus driving long haul) and they get to pass along the trade they love to others. Here's how to become a CDL truck driving instructor.

Get your own CDL; you can't teach what you haven't mastered yourself!

Gain at least 3 years of trucking experience before you attempt to become a truck driving instructor. Most CDL schools will require more than 3 years of experience for driving instructor jobs.

Keep a meticulous driving record; no tickets or traffic violations. CDL driving instructors must be able to serve as good examples for the students that they teach.

Fine tune your knowledge of CDL procedures and laws, as well as your own organizational skills. CDL instructors must be able to develop curriculum and effectively transpose that knowledge and those driving skills to students.

Apply for truck driving instructors positions at all of the schools in areas that you are willing to commute or move to. On your resume, stress both your years of relevant work experience, as well as your desire to teach.


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