How to Do Medical Billing and Coding From Home

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Medical billing and coding from home has become an increasingly important aspect in the medical and insurance field. These independent contractors change a diagnosis or a prescription for a procedure (such as a surgery) into a code of digits, which is then recorded on a sheet and submitted to insurance companies for billing and payment purposes. Because of the expense involved, many physicians and insurance companies are outsourcing their work to individuals who can perform medical billing and coding from home.

Get certified to perform medical billing and coding from your home. Medical billing and coding requires knowledge of the types of diagnoses and treatments available to patients, and how to handle the billing and coding of each procedure. Certifications include: CPC (Certified Professional Coder), CPC-H (Certified Professional Coder-Outpatient Hospital), CPC-P (Certified Professional Coder-Payer) and specialized certifications, such as coding for cardiology patients, surgery patients and emergency room billing. Knowing medical terminology and coding basics is a must for this profession and your certification. Take classes at your local community college, get certified by a trade school in your area or sign up for online classes. Once you've complete your coursework, test to be certified in the type of medical billing and coding you plan on doing at home.

Prepare your home office to do medical billing and coding once you are certified. You need to have a home office set-up -- a dedicated space, if you will -- that is free from distraction and children while you are working. At a minimum, you should have: a reliable, dedicated computer that you share with no one else in the family; a printer; reliable high-speed internet access; a landline that your employer can use to contact you. You may also be required to install coding software on your computer, and your employer may require you to cover the costs of the software; this is typical, as you are considered an independent contractor.

Review coding companies online and contact your local doctor's offices and hospitals to apply to for billing and coding jobs. There are quite a few companies online that outsource their work to independent contractors. Legitimate opportunities cost nothing to apply for the work. Check with your local doctor's offices, medical groups and hospitals to see if any of them outsource medical billing and coding work. You can also contact medical insurance companies for a list of providers in their group that outsource billing and coding. Find out about job placement opportunities from the school you received your certification from. Many schools offer leads for work after life "on campus." Join medical billing and coding professional associations. These associations often link billing and coding professionals with organizations in need of their services.


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