How to Design Steel Buildings

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Step by step procedure to design steel frame using American Codes

Get all the building parameters from Order Form including building length, height, width, roof slope, etc.

Determine the loads (wind, seismic, snow) from ASCE manuals, to be applied to the building based on where the building is located and client criteria.

Input the building profile, loads, member sizes, support criteria, brace locations, etc. in the structural design software (STAAD, etc). Many softwares like MBS etc are custom programmed for the Metal Building Industry and have frame design included in it.

Run Analysis to determine the stress ratios, deflection of the members, etc. based on the design crieria (AISC 13th edition). If all members PASS continue to next step, else change member sizes and repeat this step.

Run reports to get the final frame reactions, member forces, member deflections, etc. Reports for material TAKE OFF can help determine section sizes for procurement.


Steel design should be done under the guidance of an experienced professional engineer (PE).

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