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How to Apply for a CVS Job

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CVS Caremark employs approximately 200,000 employees in 45 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto as of 2014. The company, based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, operates within the Pharmacy Services and Retail Pharmacy segments. While you can apply inside of any of the over 7,000 retail stores, CVS directs applicants to visit the website to view available jobs and match open positions with your skills and experience. While applying for a job at CVS is a straightforward process, there are several things you need to know to increase your odds of success in this pursuit.

Maneuvering Through the Website

The CVS Caremark website application portal requires that you register before uploading your resume. Thoroughly update your resume before you register on the website, being sure that your employment and demographic information is clear and without grammatical and typographical errors. You will either upload your resume directly into the application portal or you will have to key in each item. Be sure to include dates of employment, job contacts and employment reference information as well as your own information as requested. Exhibit attention to detail in your application, demonstrating that you possess this mission-critical skill especially should you target the pharmacy as your career option.

CVS Career Entry Points

If you have minimal formal medical training, consider applying for a retail or even customer service positions at CVS. These positions can lead to supervisory jobs or, when matched with medical training that you earn along the way, to higher paying pharmaceutical, store management or corporate office positions. Cashiers at CVS must be at least 16 years old and must be able to stock shelves, operate a cash register and complete cash, check and credit card transactions and be able to balance a host of retail tasks with maintaining a customer service focus. Customer service positions are typically within a call center at CVS. To work land a customer service position, you are required to have a verifiable high school diploma or GED and three years of retail experience although healthcare related experience, certifications and/or licensure is preferred. If you are in college when you apply, consider one of the CVS internship or externship positions that allow you to learn the inner workings of CVS while you earn your degree. Be prepared to work hard to show that you have the work ethic and the passion for customer service necessary to move up the CVS ladder.

Pharmaceutical and Other Professional Positions

CVS Caremark is primarily known by its customer as a retail pharmacy. If you seek a pharmacist position within the CVS umbrella, you need to be state licensed in the state within which you are applying and you must have at least a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (or equivalent). CVS targets team-oriented pharmacists and prefers those who are certified immunizers. Being a retail store, you must also have an eye toward retail concepts such as human resources, avoiding theft, very strong customer service and the ability to serve the customer from the introduction to completing the transaction in a way that makes the customer feel secure and satisfied as he leaves. Clinical Advisors within the CVS system need to possess either at least three years of clinical experience or one year of CVS Caremark Residency training. Other helpful qualifications for any CVS pharmacist include being tech savvy in working within the company’s innovative medical software, possessing a strong understanding of local, state and federal laws regarding medicine and a relentless attention to detail that guarantees the safety and satisfaction of every customer. The company also seeks those with an accounting background as corporate accountants, store auditors and other positions that relate to regulated billing procedures unique to the medical industry.

Other Considerations

CVS is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate based on any protected class and will make every effort to make accommodations, when necessary, to hire qualified individuals with disabilities. As of 2014, CVS Caremark has a technical support number (1-855-608-4971) and email ( dedicated to assisting you in completing the application process online. Expect to pass a drug and a background test when seeking CVS employment as required by statute. While CVS has rigid requirements for most of the available positions you will see, it provides training and other educational opportunities to help you grow as you work your way up the corporate chain.