How to Run a Bulldozer

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A bulldozer is made of two main parts: a tractor base and a blade. Most of the driver's devices control the tractor; only one controls the blade. The best way to learn how to run a bulldozer is to watch a professional, and then to practice under the professional's supervision. However, understanding how each of the devices in a bulldozer work is essential before you begin.

Turn the key in the ignition to start the bulldozer's engine.

Let your foot hover over the brake as you begin to drive. Be ready to stop the bulldozer if necessary.

Use the joystick to your left to control the movement of the bulldozer. Push the joystick in the direction you would like the bulldozer to go.

Press the decelerator pedal to slow down the bulldozer. The decelerator pedal is located next to the brake.

Use the joystick to your right to control the blade of the bulldozer.

To level an area of land, lower the blade until it is against the ground. Then move the bulldozer forward. The blade will scoop up earth, leaving a flat area behind it. Lift the blade to take the earth elsewhere to dispose of it.


The first time you use a bulldozer, work on an unimportant plot of land. Using the mechanisms correctly can take time and experience.


Do not try to run a bulldozer on a slope, steep or otherwise.


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