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How to Improve Productivity

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You probably have wished to be more productive at various times in your life, whether it's at home, in school, at work or in any other endeavor. However, stumbling blocks, personal traits and bad habits can all contribute to your being less productive than you would like. Consider a few tips that can help you improve your productivity.

Be passionate about what you are doing. When you are doing something you are passionate about, you have more enthusiasm and energy to keep on working on the task from start to finish. A love for your work or hobby keeps you focused and increases your drive to reach your goals.

Plan the tasks you are going to do. Figure out which task has the highest priority and start with that. One mistake some people make is to try to get minor tasks out of the way to clear time for a larger task, but that's just another way to procrastinate. Pick the most important task, break it down into smaller jobs and put a time line next to it.

Make your working environment stimulate your creativity. Keep your work area neat and organized so you can find what you need and so that you won't be distracted by clutter. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. If you are working on something and it's hard to concentrate in your current environment, change the venue temporarily. Maybe you just need a little break from the routine to accomplish your work.

Work with a clear head. Approach your task with a fresh mind and focus. You cannot be productive when you are working on something and other thoughts are competing for your attention. When this happens, take a short break and then go back to work.

Stay away from distractions. If you really want to finish something and be productive, the best way to do this is stay away from the phone, television or people who stop you from completing your task. As long as there's not a real emergency, cut them off until you have done what you are supposed to do.

Eat well and make sure to rest well before working. Having the right energy to work comes from eating a good meal and having good rest. If you are restless, hungry or sleepy while working, you won't be able to give 100 percent of your attention to your work.

Kick that procrastination habit. Putting off for next time what you are capable of doing in the present moment affects your productivity. To defeat procrastination, learn to tackle the task that you don't like first thing when your energy is up instead of doing it later during the day when you are feeling tired. Small victories lead to greater ones.


Keep lists of what you need to do. You'll enjoy the satisfaction that comes when you can cross something off the list.


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