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How to Make Money on the Internet: no Fees

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If you'd like to learn how to make money on the Internet without paying fees, be aware that with a little savvy, it can be done. Almost anything that sounds too good to be true probably is, and any site that charges you money upfront to register will probably make more money from you than you make from it. But if you have any of a number of marketable skills, you can make money online, usually on your own schedule and by working whatever number of hours you have available. Stay in your jammies, grab another cup of coffee and consider your options.

Write online content for revenue-sharing sites or for sites that pay on acceptance. Simply sign up and create a profile to begin submitting articles to article directories and virtual libraries of information. Some sites do require that you make an application, but others allow all comers. Sites to try include Demand Studios, eHow, BrightHub, Writers Research Group, Suite 101, Hub Pages, Xomba and Associated Content. For most, your earnings will start off small and grow into a nice residual income stream.

Create a blog around a specific niche in which you have a good deal of interest, knowledge and experience. Create helpful posts each day and build up your reader base by commenting on popular blogs and participating in social bookmarking communities online. Earn money through your blog by adding Adsense and affiliate links and by gaining sponsored advertisements.

Use, eLance and Rent A Coder to bid for projects in writing, editing, programming and graphic design sectors. After a free trial, you may need to pay to upgrade your subscription, but for many freelance writers, this is a small price to pay for a steady stream of online job leads.

Use your photography and cinematography talents to make money on the Internet. Stock photo sites pay you per download of your photo, and video content is in demand as well. Demand Studios, for example, pays videographers to produce quality video content.

Tutor students online in your areas of expertise. Tutors are needed for elementary, high school and beginning college students.



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