How to Make $1,000 a Month on the Internet

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Think Long Term

Making money online is a slow process. If you're in a rush, buy a lottery ticket and keep your fingers crossed. But if you manage to be patient, you can build up a substantial income.

Best of all, a lot of your income will be "passive income", meaning that even after you stop working, the money keeps rolling in. Sort of like being an author, actor, or musician, and collecting royalties or residuals for work you did long ago.

Online income starts as a trickle...perhaps just a few cents, or a dollar, for a month's work. But it grows to a few dollars a month, then $50 a month, then $100, and with dedication (and again, patience), a thousand a month will be in sight.


Start at eHow

About half of my online income I get right here at eHow.

If you can write decently, you can write a How-To article. And if you can write How-To articles, you should be doing it right here, and starting to earn money. eHow is the easiest and surest way I know to begin earning an online income.

With practice, each article you write can earn about ten cents a day. Doesn't sound like much, but that's $3 a month for each article. Write 100 articles, and you've got $300 a month coming in. You're already well on your way to a thousand a month.

The Resources section includes a lot more information on how to get started making money online with eHow.


Find The Right Content Opportunities That Work For You

It's possible to make money online by blogging, building a website, uploading photos, videos, or music, and numerous other options. These all entail providing 'content' -- materials that people want to see or use on the web -- and getting advertising (Adsense and affiliate) income from the content.

For instance, I have numerous websites and blogs that I've created on my own, all of which bring in small income streams from advertising revenue and affiliate sales. My most successful is my Newspaper Archives site at XooxleAnswers.com

There are dozens of other content opportunities, described in the Resource article, Make Money on the Internet.


Get a Job

The rest of my online income comes from work that I do in a somewhat more traditional vein. I am an online researcher and consultant, handling a wide variety of research tasks for people who need business information, or personal research (like family history), or health and legal research, and so on. Some of this I do through a service called Uclue.com

Online research is not for everyone. But it's not the only online work option. Opportunities range from secretarial and administrative work, to programming, and even to mock jury duty (really!). Take a look at the Resources article, Making Money on the Internet, for more possibilities.

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