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How to Use USPS Lite Blue

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United States Postal Service employees use USPS Lite Blue, the service's employee intranet, to access a broad range of information, such as system-wide holiday schedules, individual payroll records and individual retirement benefits. In addition, they can use the system to bid on posted jobs.

Go to the Lite Blue website (see Resources). You'll find the site as part of the United States Postal Service Extranet.

Fill in the required fields of the log-in screen. You're going to need several forms of identification in order to access USPS Lite Blue. You need your USPS employee ID number. You can find this information on one of your earnings statements if you don't know it. You'll also need the USPS pin number given to you for access to PostalEASE.

Navigate the menus on USPS Lite Blue to stay up-to-date on various stages of your career development. You can find information about your benefits package, revenue and service performance.

Leave feedback on USPS Lite Blue. If you want additional information or have suggestions, then select the feedback option on USPS Lite Blue to send a message to one of the Lite Blue administrators.


If you don't know your USPS pin number, you can reset it. Simply click "Forgot Pin?" to follow the step by step instructions on resetting the pin.


To use USPS Lite Blue you must be an employee of the United States Post Office. If you try to access the website without permission, you're subject to civil or criminal prosecution.

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