How to Interview With an Acting Agent

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Getting an agent is a prime goal for most actors. Just getting an interview with an agent can be quite a feat so undoubtedly, you want the interview to go very well. Here are some tips for how to interview with an acting agent.

Bring your headshot and resume with you to the interview. If you have multiple headshots that you use, bring a copy of each so the agent can keep them if he wishes. Make sure your resume is professionally formatted and up-to-date.

Take your demo reel with you to the interview, if you have one. If you do not have a demo reel, don't worry. The agent may ask you to perform a cold-reading or a monologue so she can get an idea of your acting ability. If you have a demo reel, have a copy with you that you can leave with the agent if she wants.

Dress comfortably and appropriately for your casting type. You don't need to dress in business clothes as you would for a standard job interview. You should look nice and put together but you don't have to dress up. Merely wear clothes that fit your age and type. For most people, jeans are appropriate.

Be yourself. While interviewing with an agent can be very nerve-racking, try to relax and simply be yourself. Try to engage in conversation as you normally would and let the nerves go.

Have a monologue or two ready, in case the agent asks to see one. In Los Angeles, most agents will either want to see your reel or have you perform a scene rather than a monologue. In New York, monologues are more common. Regardless, you should always have one ready if necessary.

Rehearse your cold-reading skills prior to your interview. The agent may ask you to perform a scene he gives you there. He'll likely give you a few minutes to look over the material and then ask to see it. Try doing this a few times at home so you are comfortable with material you don't have a lot of time to work with.

Point out notable things that are listed on your resume. You should also feel free to discuss anything interesting that isn't on your resume. You want the agent to see what makes you unique.

Be polite and professional. Remember an agent wants to represent someone who she will enjoy working with. If you come off as arrogant, rude or high-maintenance, you likely won't make the cut.


If you are particularly nervous about your interview, practice with a friend. Have him act as the agent and ask you questions. This may help to loosen you up for the actual meeting.

Send a thank you note after the meeting to follow-up with the agent.


Never be late for a meeting with an agent. All agents want clients that are punctual. They will be sending you out on auditions and want to know they can rely on you to be on time.

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