How to Be Trained by FEMA for Free

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There are hidden training programs available to US citizens . FEMA offers one of the programs that is extensive and can help you move up the ladder at your job. They offer a variety of programs and classes, so there is something for everyone. All at the best price, FREE.

Get Trained in Emergency Management

Go to the Fema Training Website and look at the options available. It is recommended that you select a recommended path. They have options as the Professional Development series which is 7 courses in such topics as "Effective Communication" and "Managing Volunteers"

Select your course . It can be mailed, downloaded, or done online. Most of the courses are downloadable, so you can read the material at your leisure online or print out the pages you need to study. The Final exam has to be input online. Let's say we choose the course "Decision Making and Problem Solving" in the Professional Development Series. Click the button, and you are able to download the course material and the Final Exam Questions. You have to do the final exam online.

Register as required. As noted in Step 2, some classes do not require registration until the Final Exam, so follow the directions. For the IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents class this is done almost entirely online interactively so you click on the EMI option (Final Exam registration) or the Hosted option, where you will need to register before the class.

Complete the Course(s). When you have done the reading for the work and feel you know the material, go ahead and take the Final Exam. The Final Exam requires a SSN. In order to successfully pass the class you must obtain at least a 70 on the test. You will not be able to see the grade as that is done by an actual person. The only way you will know you passed is when your certificate arrives at your home.

Put your Certificates in a special place. They can be used to help you become a volunteer with Emergency Management, the Red Cross, and may help at your place of employment if they need to prepare plans for emergencies.


Take your time Tests are Open book, but you should do the work, so you will have some idea of what the Final Exam is referring to.


Open to US Citizens only