How to Write a Federal Resume

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Many people want the stability a job with the federal government provides. Writing a resume for a job with the federal government requires more detail than a typical resume would entail. Providing more specific information on work history will showcase your skills and help you to succeed in getting a federal job.

Assemble all relevant work and education information. This information might include college transcripts, position descriptions of jobs you have held and employment evaluations.

Make sure you have specific information for each place of employment. You must include job title, supervisor name, supervisor phone number, permission to contact (if current employer), beginning and ending salary, number of hours worked per week, and dates you were employed. All of this is required to be on the resume.

When writing the job descriptions be sure to include what you did, how you did it, and the results of the actions. Some important details to incorporate are number of people supervised, dollar amounts budgeted, or revenues generated. Add your accomplishments for each position in specific terms, such as money saved on a project or increased production. Immeasurable accomplishments, such as improved morale, may also be added.

Specific information is also needed for education history. Each college or technical school that you have attended must be listed, as well as the location and dates of attendance. List all degrees you have, with the highest degree listed first. If you have not completed a degree, list the number of credit hours you have and course work completed.

Use the training section of your resume to list technical licensing or certification. This section is helpful to industry specific course work completed.

The section labeled "Additional Relevant Information" is used for awards, language skills, or other skills and information that does not fit neatly into another category.

Once you have found a position that interests you, go to the USA Jobs website. Many agencies use this website as the starting point for their application process, so it is a good starting point. Sign up for USA Jobs and then you will be given access to their resume builder. Using the resume builder is explained in easy step by step terms.

Enter your information and proof read it for accuracy. Once you are sure the information is entered without errors, you may self-nominate for the job through the website.


Look up the job description for the position that you are applying. Use the keywords from this description in your resume. By tailoring your resume in this way, it will be more likely to be selected for an interview. Learn the requirements necessary to claim veteran's preference. Understand if you are eligible for veteran's preference and what type of preference for which you may be eligible. Federal jobs are often awarded to a veteran first if two candidates are equally qualified for the job.


Proofread your resume several times. If you have an error, your resume will likely not be considered.

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