How to Get a Cost Estimate for a Traffic Light

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How to Get a Cost Estimate for a Traffic Light. Traffic lights are a part of our every day lives. However, if you are a city planner or you have to project the costs a community will need to spend on traffic lights, you have a big task. Being able to get cost estimates for traffic lights takes time. The suggestions listed will help you know what to ask when comparing the estimates given for costs for traffic lights.

Study the intersection, cross walk, rail crossing or highway entrance that will require a traffic light. Be thorough in your study and use consulting companies that will help you evaluate the needs of the intersection to ensure that you are planning to purchase the correct type of traffic light.

Put your estimated plan together to make sure that you have not left out any needed traffic lights. You may need 4 traffic lights, with 2 of those being a horizontal 3-light system, 1 traffic light needed with the largest circular lights for a highly dangerous intersection and a red flashing traffic light for a railway crossing.

Contact companies and manufacturers that sell to individuals, cities or construction companies a variety of traffic lights for a cost estimate for your needs. Be sure to obtain estimates from several companies, 3 to 4 if possible. Do extensive cost comparisons on each traffic light needed and additional costs such as shipping and handling to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Ask questions of their sales representative. Ask him to come to your city personally to estimate on the place or places needing a traffic light to be sure you are ordering the correct traffic light or lights. Make sure your questions and estimates include the cost of installation, warranty information, maintenance costs and return policies for each. Obtain all your estimates in writing.

Keep in mind that various traffic lights that may appear exactly the same can be different depending on whether they are traditional traffic lights or more energy efficient traffic lights, such as LED traffic signals that use considerably less energy.

Know that a basic traffic light will usually start with a low price of $75.00 and will go up from there depending upon the quality of the traffic light you are interested in. The cost of installation will have to be added to the base price of each traffic light as well. In addition to individual costs, be sure to know what the shipping and handling costs will be to have the lights delivered to your location.


Professional installation per the manufacturer is recommended to install traffic lights.

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