How to Install a Semi Truck Power Inverter

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How to Install a Semi Truck Power Inverter. They say you can't take it with you, but in the case of a long haul truck driver, you need to do just that. You may be out for weeks at a time and without your laptop you'd be answering your email about once a month. Here is how to install a semi truck power inverter so you can take and use all your electronic gizmos on the road.

See what the DC voltage your power inverter will run on in your truck. This will usually be either 12 or 24 volts.

Assess how many total watts of power you need. If you are running an alarm clock, this will be very small. But if you're going to have your computer, TV, blow dryer and other such high, juice-using electronic equipment, make sure you go to the high end with the wattage.

Shop for inverters and install kits. Places such as can get you the exact power inverter and install kit for your truck without too much hassle. If you need extra help in assessing your power needs, you may want to shop in a brick and mortar electronics store.

Unhook the battery cables. Taking the time to do this step will ensure you don't get zapped.

Make sure you match voltage and wattage on your kit and inverter and follow the package directions on the installation kit. Be sure to use heavy-duty cables and heavy class T fuses.

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