How to Study for the CPA exam

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How to Study for the CPA exam. There are four parts to a CPA exam, FARE, Auditing, Tax/Governmental, and Business Law. All four must be passed to become a certified CPA. The pass key is to know the material before taking each test part. Read on to learn more.

Take courses to help you prepare you for the exam.

Figure out your weak areas and read books to help you better prepare for the exam in those areas.

Study objective questions by remembering half of the requirements. This will help you eliminate the incorrect answers on the exam.

Know the material, not just be familiar with it. You will fail the CPA exam if you are only familiar with what you have been studying.

Divide your study times into sections so you do not overwhelm yourself with the amount of material needed to pass the exam. Then when you have successfully learned the material, celebrate your knowledge.

Study by reading the required material and doing problems in an exam style.


When you celebrate the learning of the material for each section, it does not have to elaborate, but can be as simple as a candy bar or day at the movies. Give yourself at least three months of study time before your scheduled exam. Make sure when you do practice questions you do multiple choice and essay questions so you will be ready for both on the actual CPA exam.


There is only about a 30% pass rate for each section of the CPA exam and most people do not pass all 4 sections on their first time. While getting better in your weak areas, don't ignore your strong ones or you will fail those parts of the CPA exam.


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