How to Write a Resume for a Public Relations Job

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How to Write a Resume for a Public Relations Job. A career in public relations is about communication. That could mean writing press releases or speeches, fielding media inquiries, keeping the public informed, arranging press conferences, speaking with the press on behalf of the client or creating a positive image for the employer. So if you have a way with words, write a great resume for a public relations job, so you can achieve your dreams!

Start with your strengths. Give the employer reading your resume a little teaser right up front. Let them know why you are the best person for the job. Detail your industry focus, experience and objectives as they pertain to a public relations position. This might be a good place to list your areas of expertise.

Accentuate your accomplishments. Avoid putting too much emphasis on job duties. Employers are more concerned about results. In a public relations resume, your pertinent accomplishments are a "must include." Numbers are effective, so whenever possible use dollar amounts and percentages to describe your successes.

Write stuff. Public relations firms are on the lookout for writing experience. Samples of your work may be required and you can probably expect to be given an impromptu skills test during your interview.

Revise job titles. Make sure your job titles are pertinent to your career goal. Skill headings may be more effective.

Focus on the interview. Most people see their resume as a means to a job. Instead, your goal should be securing an interview. Keep your resume clear and concise. That way there will be enough interest created to warrant a closer look.

Credit your clients. Work experience is an important part of your resume. It is not enough to list the public relations firms where you worked and for how long. Hiring recruiters are interested in your previous clients and work environments, so show who you know.

Grab their attention. Bring your resume to life with action words and bulleted sentences.

Browse the Internet. Websites, such as and, provide a wealth of information that will help you write a resume and cover letter. Their extensive databases allow you to widen your job search.


When seeking a public relations job include some industry keywords in your resume, such as press kit, press releases, media relations and event coordination. Always have a second set of eyes proofread your resume. Any questions they may have can help to clarify and improve on the finished product.

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