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How to Open a Coffee Shop Bakery

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A coffee shop bakery can be a local hotspot at all hours of the day. Business professionals wanting a good cup of coffee and a relaxed atmosphere will fill the seats in the morning and afternoon hours to talk business -- or escape from the office. At night, these shops can be the destination for young urbanites wanting to meet up with friends. You can open your own coffee shop bakery with a creative theme and a well-conceived business plan.

Write your business plan. Think critically to answer basic questions about your coffee shop bakery. Items needing immediate decisions are acquisition of capital items, operating budget, positions to be filled, menu and advertising needs. These items will give you an accurate assessment of how much money you will need each month to pay the bills.

Contact prospective investors, if you need financial assistance. Show your business plan to your close friends, business partners or lending institutions to demonstrate you are prepared to execute the idea and be successful. Ensure any commitment is put into writing for legal protection.

Negotiate a lease or purchase agreement for the location you want. This space should be large enough to handle the business aspects of your plan; for example, the kitchen will need to be large enough to accommodate ovens, stand mixers, coffee grinders, freezers, and work spaces. Also, consider whether the customer area will be large enough for the number of people you expect to serve.

Contact your local health department to arrange for a food service license and inspection. Acquire a copy of any local health regulations to keep on hand in the coffee shop, and ask whether the department will offer food-safety training for your employees prior to your grand opening.

Acquire capital items, hire employees and finalize issues related to design, marketing and menu. Purchase plates, cups, wall hangings and other items to support your theme, and work with a sign maker or graphic designer on your logo.

Invite friends and business partners to a test night just prior to opening. This will allow you to examine how the business operates and make necessary adjustments before your real opening.