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What Tools Are Used by Construction Workers?

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Construction workers are sometimes referred to as laborers, electricians, operators and welders, among other titles. To be successful in a specific task, several tools can be used by construction workers to complete each project.

Safety Equipment

South Africa, Cape Town, Builder holding hard hat

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry is one of the top 10 most dangerous land-based jobs, so certain safety equipment must be worn to reduce injuries. Hard hats, steel-toe boots, protective gloves, safety goggles and high visibility jackets are some of the more common safety equipment that must be worn by construction workers.

Hand Tools

Close up cropped photo of two workers in white protective gloves holding plank board installing it on special house hold construction using hammer and nails

For simple jobs, construction workers will use hand tools such as a hammer, screw driver, pliers, electric drills and screw guns.


Construction Worker Guiding Cement Mixer Truck Trough

To carry equipment and supplies from one place to another, construction workers rely on different types of trucks to handle the job, such as boom trucks, dump trucks, bucket trucks, crane trucks and concrete trucks.

Air Compressor

yellow compressor site

A two-stage air compressor is often used at job sites for pneumatic tools such as air-powered nail guns, sanders, staplers and spray guns.

Heavy Duty Equipment

The yellow eart mover on the construction of highway, Poland

Construction work requires the lifting and moving of heavy equipment that cannot be lifted by humans. In such cases, workers use equipment to move massive items, from cranes, bull-dozers and excavators to pipe layers, back-hoes and crawler loaders.



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