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How to Get a Job At Tesla

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Tesla: An Innovative Company With Plenty of Opportunity

The Silicon Valley is a hub for tech companies, but there’s one company that doesn’t fit the mold—Tesla. The company is much more an automotive company than it is tech, and it has even ventured into solar power. Tesla has dozens of jobs in a number of different areas, giving the working mom plenty of options.

Tesla Facts

  • Tesla started in 2003 when a group of engineers wanted to build electric vehicles that were comparable or even better than standard gasoline-fueled vehicles.
  • Tesla launched its first electric vehicle, the Roadster, in 2008. The Roadster was followed by the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Tesla Semi. Tesla has also started making solar panels and lithium-ion batteries capable of powering an entire home.
  • The company has stores around the world, but its main production factory and offices are in Fremont, California on 370 acres. The facility has a cafeteria, gym and health center.
  • Tesla’s goal is to get consumers to stop relying on fossil fuels and move toward zero emissions.

Tesla Jobs

Tesla has jobs available on 19 different teams, including communications, engineering, production, sales, HR, IT and marketing. Although the company’s main office is in Fremont, it has satellite offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam as well as retail and service locations around the world. With so many different types of jobs, here’s a sampling of a few along with the requirements.

  • Senior Regional Public Relations Manager: This position is part of the communications team. The PR Manager is responsible for designing and delivering communications campaigns, increasing awareness of Tesla products, building and maintaining relationships with media, correcting any misinformation, managing product launches and managing FAQ and blog posts. The PR Manager must have a bachelor’s degree and seven years’ experience.  
  • Associate Store Manager: One of the most common sales positions at Tesla is associate store manager. Store managers have sales experience and are effective leaders. Managers are responsible for recruiting, developing and managing a team of specialists. Duties include training, coaching and motivating your team as well as analyzing the store’s sales performance. Associate store managers must hold a bachelor’s degree and have two years of experience with a proven record of meeting goals.
  • Production Planner: As part of the production team, the production planner monitors the flow of materials going into, through and out of shops. The production planner also manages the shift to maximize factory output and addresses any issues. You’re also responsible for managing the support technicians and participating in daily operational reviews to understand how well materials are moving through the factory. Production planners must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and a master’s degree is preferred.


You can search for jobs on Tesla’s website and apply directly for the positions. Once you click to apply, you can either fill out the application form online or upload your resume and cover letter and sign the application electronically.

Interview Tips

The interview process with Tesla can be lengthy. You’ll start out with a preliminary conversation focusing on your background and greatest accomplishments. From there, you’ll move onto an interview with a hiring manager, during which you’ll cover technical questions as well as relocation and compensation possibilities. Next, you’ll go through an on-site interview. The day includes several interviews as well as technical and engineering tests, if applicable. Finally, many job candidates either meet personally with the CEO or interview with him over the phone.

Don’t let too many applicants or a lack of experience in a certain area prevent you from applying. The company believes it’s important to have a variety of different kinds of thinkers because they have many niche jobs, according to Tesla’s vice president of global recruiting. This means you might be OK if you don’t have experience in a specific job position, but excelled at the job you were in before applying.

Be ready to show your skills during the interview. Tesla points out that a prospective employee applying for a factory role might be asked to assemble something in front of the recruiter, while an engineering applicant may be asked to demonstrate coding skills on a whiteboard.

If your resume isn’t filled with top-tier schools and jobs, don’t count yourself out of the race. Find a way to show that you have what it takes to succeed, such as emphasizing that you held two jobs to get through school. Candidates might even emphasize extracurricular activities on their resume.

Tesla points out that they look for well-rounded, passionate team players who are innovative and driven. In your interview, don’t be afraid to give the wrong answer. The company wants employees to be OK with failure as long as they are flexible and adaptable.

Do your research before your interview. You should know everything about Tesla, its CEO and the position you’re applying for. You should also be ready to tell them why you want to work at Tesla.